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Our Founders

First and foremost, we are passionate parents that want our child to explore the world as his classroom. We’re also international educators with more than 30 years of combined experience in multiple educational systems.

As a relatively new organization, we're looking to grow our team in the cooperative and/or community space. Please reach out to connect with our founders about volunteering.

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Jess, USA & UK citizen

Jessica is an international educator and social enterprise director with 18 years’ experience educating learners of all ages. She obtained a Master’s in Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology while working on a federal grant with her University of Southern California professors. As an instructor for her alma mater, she helped student teachers acquire credentials and infuse technology into their classrooms. She’s lived in several countries, working in schools as a teacher, coordinator and librarian. She has conducted professional development in the US, Italy, Germany and the UK. She has blogged about her own worldschooling experiences.

Meanwhile, Jess has designed curriculum, a SaaS product, presented at conferences and contributed to educational articles and textbooks published internationally. As a Google for Education program manager, she advocated for educational organisations across the UK and Ireland to implement gamified and adaptive learning technologies. She believes that literacy skills (of all types) are essential to promote lifelong learning and has helped teachers and pupils achieve success through strategic support. 

James, British citizen


James is a director of our community interest company (CIC) and a highly motivated practitioner of more than 13 years, striving to get the best from and for colleagues and pupils. He's a Google Certified Educator (Levels 1 & 2), utilising digital technology to enhance learning experiences for all stakeholders, while equipping them with skills for the future. His passion for teaching along with love for edtech and sport has driven him to learn and teach others in a well-rounded manner. He aims to inspire learners with high expectations yet nurture them to pursue their own discoveries. He embraces tools that help make learning accessible to all. With an ever-changing world within education, he has learned how to quickly adapt - demonstrating flexibility and leading by example. He has taught in the United Kingdom state (public) and independent (private) sectors as well as internationally.